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As a family-owned and operated business, we deeply appreciate the crucial role a reliable computer plays in keeping families connected and households running smoothly. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians ensures quick and efficient solutions for hardware and software issues, general servicing and optimising system performance. From troubleshooting to resolving glitches, we have the expertise to tackle all your computer repair needs.

  • Operating Systems Support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

    • Testing and repairs
    • Upgrades to Windows 10 or 11
    • Check for outstanding updates
    • Upgrades of MacOS
    • Advice and training
    • Compatibility issues
    • Fresh installs & reinstalls
    • Startup optimisation
  • Hardware

    • Testing and diagnosis
    • Replace faulty RAM, power supplies, hard drives etc
    • Upgrade hard drives
    • Quote and replace broken laptop screens
    • Test, source and replace laptop batteries & chargers
    • Quotes for custom builds for business or gaming

  • Software Support

    • Application updates and repairs
    • Compatibility issues
    • Account login support
    • Password resets & recovery
    • Software installation & subscriptions
    • Bloatware removal
    • Virus and malware scanning and protection
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FREE 10 Point Health Check

what's included?

  1. Physical External Clean
  2. Check for Internal dust build-up
  3. Check for Expiring Office software
  4. Check for up-to-date Anti-virus Software
  5. Check for current backups of your data
  6. Check for hardware upgrades
  7. Check for viruses and malware
  8. Check for Windows issues or corruptions
  9. Check your temp files
  10. Check for available Windows updates
  11. Check for general tune-up options
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